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Contact Pottsville Cancer Clinic

Pottsville Cancer Clinic

Satish C. Singla, M.D., P.C.
700 Schuylkill Manor Road, Suite 7
Pottsville, PA 17901
Office: (570) 622 - 4113
After 5 PM (570) 621 - 7025

*We ask that you kindly call our office to address any personal health-related concerns. Thank you for your cooperation

*This website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness or condition. Pottsville Cancer Clinic cannot guarantee clinical outcomes. The information contained herein on this website is for educational purposes only. Patients should always consult their physician(s) for appropriate diagnoses and treatment. Patients should continue to maintain patient-physician relationships as this website is not a substitute for the aforementioned.

*If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please proceed to the nearest emergency room or dial 911. Do not use this contact form to disclose a medical emergency.

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